Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Go Around, Goes Around.

Today, I'll be seeing good friends of mine perform at a local town.
They're called The Go Around. They have a very pleasant, mellow indie rock kind of vibe to them which is perfect for all ages. Check out their page here. These guys will make it big!

This track's been in heavy rotation the past couple months so if you haven't listened to it yet, here's your chance! There's just something beautiful about the filming quality, definitely a plus for such an underrated band. The sweeping melodies and the charm of the lyrics makes everyone feel at peace within.

All my Love,

**EDIT** 00:01:03 AM
So I just got back from their performance, (I missed a good portion of it due to my inability to follow directions...) and I've gotta say, these kids are something else. I managed to take a couple photos when possible, many of which are not too great due to dim lighting and my shaky hands but I'll have them up tomorrow when I recharge my camera, if I remember to that is!

Goodnight. :)

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